Thank you all for having us and joining us on the dan hill and andy kim ‘in story and song’ tour!  We had the best time!

dan hill and andy kim

'in story & song' tour - regent theatre, oshawa, ontario canada.

thursday, may 30, 2024


STREAMING NOW!  three-part docu series

‘Sometimes When We Touch - The Reign, Ruin and Resurrection of Soft Rock'. 


Streaming in Canada and the U.S., January 3, 2023 

U.K., Australia and Latin America, January 4, 2023 

Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France, April 4, 2023



Twenty years had passed between my first hit single as an artist and my first dream cover as a songwriter. In the same way that “Sometimes When We Touch” had turbo-charged my performing career, Celine’s magnificent version of “Seduces Me” galvanized my songwriting career. From 1997 on, I concentrated on songwriting for other vocalists.

This had several upsides: songwriting, while more challenging creatively than performing, is also less physically taxing, and none of the vexing and superficial “artist” issues nip at your heels. No one cares if you’re cute, hip, fashionable, sexy, or young. All that matters is whether you can deliver the big song. And so, by the late 90s, wanting to spend more time with my family and pay closer attention to my health (I had been diagnosed as diabetic in 1996), I decided songwriting was the logical, the only, career choice for me. And there was yet another deciding factor: ability. I’m not going to play the modesty card here; I consider myself to be a very good singer. Nevertheless, I’m an even better songwriter. (That being said, my vocal ability has, in many cases, helped me sell my songs to various artists; I record or demo most of my songs before they’re pitched to singers or groups.)

Here is a list of some of the songs I’ve written that have been recorded by other artists. Most of these songs I’ve written with other writers. For the sake of brevity, I won’t include their names here, but they are listed in the song credits on the CDs, records, DVDs, movies, iTunes, ring tones, and videos that feature them.

Country Covers 

Sometimes When We Touch (1986) 
Top 5 country single for Tammy Wynette and Mark Gray 
Love of My Life (1997) 
#1 U.S. country single for Sammy Kershaw 
I Do (Cherish You) (1998) 
#1 U.S. country single for Mark Wills 
She’s in Love (1998) 
#3 U.S. country single for Mark Wills 
Maybe Not Tonight (1999) 
Top 15 U.S. country single for Sammy Kershaw and Lorrie Morgan 
When You Love Someone (1999) 
Top 25 U.S. country single for Sammy Kershaw 
Back Before the War (1999) 
Reba McEntire 
There Ya Go  (2004) 
Alan Jackson 
To Be with You (2000) 
Jamie O’Neal 
I Have Always Loved You (2000) 
Kathy Mattea 

Pop Covers  

In Your Eyes  (1983)  
International hit for George Benson  
US Adult Contemporary hit for Jeffrey Osborne  
Can’t Live with You (1989)  
Celine Dion and Billy-Newton-Davis  
Wishful Thinking (1989)  
Celine Dion and Dan Hill  
Seduces Me (1996)  
Celine Dion, on her Grammy Award–winning album Falling Into You  
I Do (Cherish You) (2000)  
Top 3 U.S. pop hit for 98 Degrees  
Also included on multi-platinum Notting Hill soundtrack  
I Promise You (2000)  
Backstreet Boys  
Slowly  (2002)  
Michael Bolton  
When I Found You (2002)  
Britney Spears (released internationally but not in North America)  
The Human Spark (2005)  
Michael W. Smith  
Open Your Eyes (2003)  
Nick Lachey  
Waiting Just for You (2001)  
Ginette Rineau  
Sometimes When We Touch  
(too many artists to even begin to start listing here)