Produced by John Sheard and Dan Hill.

Dan’s comments: “Unborn Heart,” my only single from this album, peaked at #2 on the AC charts. “Wishful Thinking” features Celine Dion (still largely unknown outside of Quebec at this point) as my duet partner. This is a very strong song with equally powerful vocals. “Why Do We Always Hurt the Ones We Love?” and “Real Love” are two other very good, though not brilliant, songs on this album.

Despite “Unborn Heart’s” (this is not a pro life song, simply a very personal song expressing how I felt when I found out that my wife, Bev, was pregnant) massive Adult Contemporary airplay, this album did not generate enough sales to warrant Columbia Records investing any more money in my career. By the end of 1989, I was dropped from the label. My songwriting talents, while undeniable, were not enough to launch me back to the pop star status I’d briefly enjoyed in the late 70s.

Track Listing  
  1. Why Do We Always Hurt the Ones We Love
  2. What Do You Want
  3. (Can This Be) Real Love
  4. Can’t Break the Same Heart Twice
  5. Unborn Heart
  1. Wishful Thinking (duet with Celine Dion)
  2. (You’ve) Got to Get Over Him
  3. Woman
  4. Human Heart
  5. You Are Where I Belong