I Am My Father’s Son: A Memoir of Love and Forgiveness by Dan Hill

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In I Am My Father’s Son, Hill traces this poignant, difficult relationship through vivid family stories, letters, memories and his own award-winning lyrics, often revealing the motivation behind the songs. He tells the story of two parallel lives, alternating between his father’s experience of racism in mid-20th-century America and his own search for identity as a young black man in suburban Canada. Dan compares his own fascinating journey through the international music business to his father’s pioneering efforts in Canadian human rights. Bursting with humour and pathos, I Am My Father’s Son is an intensely personal journey of revelation, examination and, ultimately, forgiveness. It is a story that lays bare the private struggle between two very public figures and at the same time illuminates the universal relationship between fathers and sons.

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3 thoughts on “I Am My Father’s Son

  1. I can’t wait to read “I am my fathers son”. My wife and I now 58 % 60 began listening to Dan’s music in the mid 70’s and still enjoy every song today as much, if not more as we did when we were younger. We purchased every “album” and then some cassettes and now on crisp, clear iTunes. If it is true, we get better as we age, then we can’t wait to hear what he’s creating next and in 20 years.
    Thank You Dan for all the beautiful music.

  2. I am half way reading Dan’s book I am My Father”s Son! Got the satisfaction of finding out the family side of a precious time; our youth. the memoir make you swim in the real 1970 world at home and Canadian outlook . I personally enjoyed the outcome of those memoir! Dan never gave up the journey that made him proud of the Other Dan {senior} that often drove him to extreme edge of one’s own patience. the book is right on for people that want to compare the world of success! I cannot see a more honest person living out all that Rock and Roll.

  3. Thank you Dan for your music I remember the first album I bought from you your music the album Frozen in the night all I can see is your face ever since then I’ve loved your music. Thank you for what you done you will never be forgotten take care and God bless your friend Joseph Angel Velez

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