Partial Surrender 1981


  1. I’m Just a Man
  2. All I Want is You
  3. Don’t Give Up On Love
  4. Somewhere in the Distance
  5. Just a Piece of Your Heart


  1. Pray That it’s Love
  2. Pandora’s Song
  3. Something’s Wrong
  4. Fumiko

Produced by John Boylan.

Dan’s comments: This album also failed to have any commercial impact, for many of the same reasons as my previous album. However, “Somewhere in the Distance,” by far the best song on this album, still amazes me. Particularly my chord progression. Sheesh, I wish I could play guitar like that now. It was also my paternal grandmother, May Hill’s, personal favourite song of mine. My wife, Bev, claims it was the song that caused her to fall in love with me, back in 1980. The “rockier” songs on this album that are mediocre, but there are a few ballads on this record (“Don’t Give Up on Love” and “I’m Just a Man”) that are hold up well.