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Grammy Award Winning Singer-Songwriter and Artist


i-am-my-faterhs-sonIn I Am My Father’s Son, Hill traces this poignant, difficult relationship through vivid family stories, letters, memories and his own award-winning lyrics, often revealing the motivation behind the songs. He tells the story of two parallel lives, alternating between his father’s experience of racism in mid-20th-century America and his own search for identity as a young black man in suburban Canada. Dan compares his own fascinating journey through the international music business to his father’s pioneering efforts in Canadian human rights. Bursting with humour and pathos, I Am My Father’s Son is an intensely personal journey of revelation, examination and, ultimately, forgiveness. It is a story that lays bare the private struggle between two very public figures and at the same time illuminates the universal relationship between fathers and sons.


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I Am My Father’s Son took me on an intellectual, emotional and spiritual pilgrimage that instantly changed my life forever.”
– Jully Black

“Dan Hill’s book is a revelation – a wonderfully written memoir that reveals such profound humanity and sensitivity in dealing with the complexities of love, hate, competition and pride within a family… Simultaneously, Dan chronicles the lures and pitfalls of the music business, generously sharing his entanglements in the shark-infested waters that many creative artists have to navigate…  I couldn’t put the book down.”
– Liona Boyd


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