Love of My Life (The Best of Dan Hill) 1999


  1. Seduces Me
  2. Never Thought (That I Could Love)
  3. All I See is Your Face
  4. Carmelia
  5. You Make Me Want To Be
  6. Once Upon A Time
  7. All I Want Is You
  8. Can’t We Try (duet with Vonda Shepard)
  9. Hold On


  1. Wishful Thinking (duet with Celine Dion)
  2. The Healing Power Of Love (additional vocals by Deborah Cox)
  3. Love Of My Life
  4. My Love For You
  5. Somewhere In The Distance
  6. In Your Eyes duet with Rique Franks
  7. Unborn Heart
  8. Sometimes When We Touch
  9. Daddy’s Song

Producers: Various.

Released in Canada and various territories (excluding the U.S.)

Dan’s comments: This is by far, my best greatest hits package. Four new songs are included on this greatest hits package; each of them represent me in top songwriting form. These four songs are “Seduces Me” (more on that one in my “Dan Hill the Singer-Songwriter” section); “Love of My Life” (more on that song, too, in my “Dan Hill the Singer-Songwriter” section); “Once Upon A Time”; and lastly, “Daddy’s Song,” perhaps the most personal and powerful song I’ve ever recorded. It’s also one of my best songs.