Let Me Show You (Greatest Hits and More) 1993


  1. Sometimes When We Touch
  2. Let Me Show You
  3. In Your Eyes (Duet with Rique Franks)
  4. Shot Down In Flames
  5. Never Thought (That I Could Love) (New Version)
  6. Memories


  1. Can’t We Try (Duet with Rique Franks) (New Version)
  2. All I See Is Your Face
  3. Healing Power OF Love
  4. Fourteen Today
  5. Hold On
  6. Sometimes When We Touch (Duet with Rique Franks)

Producers: Various.

Sales: Poor in Canada. But well over two hundred thousand in the States. (I should point out that I’m working on memory, so I could be off a few thousand here or there)

Dan’s comments: I set up my own record label in the States, called Spontaneous Records. In 1993 I released this greatest hits package, which also included four new songs. My remake of my old co-write with Michael Masser, “In Your Eyes,” reached #10 on the U.S. AC charts. My remade duet version of “Sometimes When We Touch” (with Rique Franks) enjoyed a lot of airplay in the U.S., as well as in many other markets.  The album sold consistently year after year, until 2007, when my U.S. distributor, Navarre, merged with Koch Records. Koch decided not to include my album on their label, and Let Me Show You basically disappeared from U.S. stores.