Frozen in the Night 1978


  1. Frozen In The Night
  2. All I See Is Your Face
  3. No One Taught Me How To Lie
  4. (Why did you have to go and) Pick On Me
  5. Friends


  1. Let the Song Last Forever
  2. Dark Side of Atlanta
  3. Indian Woman
  4. Till the Day I Die
  5. Your Only Friend

Produced by Matthew McCauley and Fred Mollin.

Platinum in Canada. (it may have gone Gold in America; I honestly can’t remember.)
“All I See Is Your Face” topped the U.S. “middle-of-the-road” charts (this was before the term “Adult Contemporary” came into use) and, if memory serves, peaked at #41 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Dan’s comments: My personal favourites on this album are “Friends,” “Dark Side of Atlanta,” “No One Taught Me How to Lie” and “All I See Is Your Face.” From a song consistency level, this album was superior to Longer Fuse, but it was so sad, so achingly intense, due to what I was going through in my life at that time, that it may simply have been too overwhelming for say, a typical, mainstream listener. And obviously, I didn’t come through with the “big song” to follow my life-changing smash single from ’77/’78.

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