I’m Doing Fine 1996


  1. Wrapped Around Your Finger
  2. I Wanna Make Love To You
  3. I’m Doing Fine
  4. Everytime We Say Goodbye
  5. If You Should Leave Me Now
  6. I Wanna Be With You


  1. The Night We Met
  2. Maybe This Time
  3. She Is My Lady
  4. Memories (Revisited)
  5. I Love You Now

Various producers: John Sheard, John Jones, Rick Hahn, Dan Hill, Chas Sanford.

Dan’s comments: This album produced one U.S. AC chart single, “Wrapped Around Your Finger.” Just like Let Me Show You, its distribution in the United States was discontinued when Koch took over my former distributor, Navarre. “Memories” is a great song. I personally love “I’m Doing Fine.” But, by 1996, after being diagnosed with diabetes, I’d lost some of my recording passion and was becoming more interested in writing songs for other artists. I’m Doing Fine would be my last studio album containing all new songs.